A Brief Introduction to ASHRAE MANITOBA

The Manitoba Chapter was formed on September 25, 1935 with a petition signed by ten Charter members. The Chapter, the second oldest in Canada (after Toronto), celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010-2011.

The Chapter Bell, presented to the Manitoba Chapter by Harold F. Randall on December 1, 1956, is used to preside over Chapter dinner meetings. The Chapter Banner, purchased in 1965, carries badges representing awards the Chapter has earned over the years.

The Manitoba Chapter has seen many changes over the years:

  • The 30’s & 40’s saw rapid changes in industry with one pipe steam systems, gravity flow hot water, cast iron air furnaces, coal stokers, circulation pumps and automatic temperature controls. Founded in 1935 with 10 members, meetings were held at the Hotel Fort Garry.
  • In the 50’s, Chapter became of age with post-war boom, consulting firms being established. Steel furnaces, air conditioning, gas fired boilers, copper fin tube radiation were some of the new technologies. In 1950, there were 35 members.
  • In the 60’s, the Chapter saw the closing of the Winnipeg Central Heating Plant requiring residences to install their own systems. Upcoming technologies were copper tube boilers and water heaters, VAV control, packaged air conditioners and centrifugal chillers. In 1962/63, the Saskatchewan Chapter was formed with the result of Manitoba losing assigned members. In 1965, Manitoba hosted the Region II Chapters Regional Conference (CRC).
  • In the 70’s, energy crisis was the strong factor in the industry. Natural gas embargo was placed on new construction, resulting in the use of electric heat. Technologies developed were solar collectors and systems, heat pumps, heat recovery. In 77/78, the Chapter membership was at 129. Manitoba hosted Region II CRCs in 1970 and 1977. On July 1, 1979, the Manitoba Chapter was realigned to Region XI, comprising of Chapters in the western provinces and northwest USA.
  • In the 80’s, there was strong emphasis on building management systems, environment, and ozone depletion. New technologies included plate and frame heat exchangers, variable frequency drive, ground source heat pumps. The Chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary while hosting the Region XI CRC on May 9th, 1985.
  • In the 90’s, there is stronger emphasis on total building system design, commissioning and CFC phase out. Highlights include river boat cruises and Legislative tour. On November 9th, 1995, ASHRAE President, Richard Hayter, came to Winnipeg to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Manitoba Chapter of ASHRAE. The Manitoba Chapter hosted the Region XI CRC in May 1999.
  • The new Millennium brings on new challenges with issues such as global warming and sustainable development. Integration of building mechanical and electrical systems presents new opportunities for the building industry.

Below is a chapter history from inception in 1935 to 1990.

Download (PDF, 3.16MB)

Many different individuals have lead the chapter as the annual chapter president throughout the past eight decades. These individuals have faced and overcome many different obstacles in order to help make the chapter what it is today. The following list presents the individuals now known as Past Presidents.

Today, the Manitoba Chapter continues to be strong and looks to the future. New technologies and applications lie ahead, and the members of the Manitoba Chapter will continue to embrace the challenges that these present.