Want to join ASHRAE?

Hello ASHRAE Members and past Guests,

Welcome back Members for another great year of meetings and events! Your Manitoba membership is in addition to your society membership and enables our chapter to be active in our community, host monthly dinner meetings and special events with technical speakers and participate in ASHRAE society at a local level.

ASHRAE Society Bylaws require local Chapter Members to be Society Members. However, Non-Society Members of Firms may purchase meeting admissions and newsletter subscriptions (see Corporate Subscription).

Full, Basic, Retired and Student Chapter Memberships are non-transferable individual memberships that include subscriptions for one Name/Company listing in the Manitoba Chapter Roster, and discounts towards ASHRAE Manitoba sponsored events and seminars.

Select one of the options below to register online:

Full Membership $350 Includes admission to all (8) meetings.
Basic Membership $50 Includes email notifications of ASHRAE Manitoba sponsored events seminars.  A fee of $45 will be charged for each dinner meeting attended. Post-dinner (presentation only) attendance is free for all meetings.
Retired Society Members $25 A dinner meeting fee of $45 for all meetings attended. Post-dinner (presentation only) attendance is free for all meetings.
Student Membership $25 Includes Society Student Membership and subscription to the ASHRAE Journal, and free dinner on “Student Night” meeting (with advanced booking only).  A dinner fee of $20 will be charged for all other meetings attended. Post-dinner (presentation only) attendance is free for all meetings.  Note:  “Student Night” date will be announced on the ASHRAE Manitoba website.
Corporate Subscription $400 Includes 8 dinner meeting admissions. Admissions are transferable to all employees within the company but are only valid for the current season. Individuals attending the dinner meeting under corporate subscription are to notify ASHRAE MB representative at sign-in desk upon arriving. This subscription does not qualify for receiving discounts towards ASHRAE Manitoba sponsored events and seminars. This subscription requires that one representative of the company be a chapter member (full or basic).


Alternatively, please fill out the form below, include payment and return it to Corey Nation as outlined on the form either by mail (Corey Nation c/o Price, 101 Elan Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R2J 4H1), in person at the next meeting, or you may choose to email the completed form back to ashrae.mb@gmail.com.

Download (PDF, 86KB)

We are looking forward to an exciting year and hope to see you at the meetings, seminars, building tours, and special events.

Thank you,

Corey Nation
Membership Promotion Chair