The 2017-18 ASHRAE RP Campaign has begun!

Our chapter goal this year is to raise $11,750.

If you are interested in financially supporting ASHRAE’s mission, programs, and member services, please visit the RP Campaign, where you can securely make an online donation. Thank you!

More information on what donating to ASHRAE research helps accomplish can be accessed in the pdf below.

Download (PDF, 1.08MB)

The ASHRAE Manitoba Chapter would like to give special thanks to our 2016-2017 Research and Promotion Donors:

More than $500 Category

Price Industries Limited $1250
E. H. Price Sales $1250
Midwest Engineering Ltd $1000
Mr John H Guenther, P.Eng. $650

Less than $500 Category

Air Movement Services Ltd. $250
Nova 3 Engineering Ltd $250
MCW / AGE Consulting Professional Engineers $250
Mr Elbert G Phillips $250
Dr Robert Wayne Derksen $150
Mr John D Brighty $145
Dr Robert Wayne Derksen $150
Mr Gavin Dennis Stewart $100
Mr David Surminski, P.ENG $100
Mr Russell J Lavitt $100
Mr David Jurkowski, P.Eng $100
Mr Robert G Bisson $100
Mr David M Stones, PE $100
Mr George A Marchildon $100
Mr Thomas E Patteson $100
Mr Ian A Urquhart, P. Eng $100
Ms Kelli Goldstone $100
Mr Tim Schick $100