President’s Message – January 2017

Hello fellow Manitoba ASHRAE members!

It is hard to believe that we are more than half way through this year`s programs.

At this time I would like to send a big thank you to the following lecturers for their informative presentations or tours:

  • Convention Centre Tour – Gavin Stewart
  • DOAS Systems Application – Joe Thorndal
  • Biomass Presentation – Dennis St. George
  • Cold Climate Design Guide – Bert Philips
  • Commissioning Lessons Learned – Cam Regier

Also special thanks to Mark Windeatt, our special activities chair, for organizing another successful crib tournament at our December meeting. We also recognize the efforts and hard work of all past presidents in attendance.

Our upcoming February 16th meeting will be refrigeration night and Craig Perrett from Manitoba Hydro will be making a presentation on “ Energy Efficiency Improvements for Industrial Refrigeration Systems”.

The March 16 Student Design Competition night will be hosted and held at the University of Manitoba this year. ASHRAE members are encouraged to come out to this event to mentor and promote the building sciences and HVAC industry with the new generation of young engineers.

ASHRAE Manitoba is also organizing a seminar on Fire & Smoke Dampers on March 1, 2017. The seminar will present the important aspects of designing, specifying, installing and testing fire

and smoke dampers. This will be a one day seminar with presenters from various stakeholders and disciplines including architectural, mechanical, TAB, and Sheet Metal industry. More details to follow on this event.

Mr Mitchell Swann, Distinguished ASHRAE Lecturer, will be presenting at our last meeting on April 13th, 2017 with the topic of  “Green Design & Sustainability Un-Deniable Success in a Defined World”.

Hope to see you all at the remaining monthly meetings!

George Marchildon

President ASHRAE Manitoba

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