Registration for the 2016-2017 ASHRAE Technology Awards is now OPEN.

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by members who have successfully applied innovative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality and energy conservation. Winners are recognized by peers as being innovative and capable of achieving a high level of competence. Performance is proven through one year’s actual, verifiable operating data.

The purpose of the ASHRAE Technology Awards program is to:

  • Recognize ASHRAE members who design and/or conceive innovative technological concepts that are proven through actual operating data;..
  • Communicate innovative systems designs to other ASHRAE members;
  • Highlight technological achievements of ASHRAE to others, including associated professionals and societies worldwide, as well as building and facility owners…

The program consists of six categories:

  • Commercial Buildings (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning)
  • Institutional Buildings (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning)
  • Health Care Facilities (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning)
  • Industrial Facilities or Processes (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning)
  • Public Assembly (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning)
  • Residential

Awards are presented at two levels, regional and society. Regional awards, at minimum, require the short form application and are required to be submitted by an ASHRAE member. All regional entrants are reviewed by the chapter CTTC Chair prior to being nominated for the regional competition. Winners at the regional level are eligible for society level awards. Should a project be nominated for a society level award, a long form application must be complete.

Technology awards, at both the regional and society level bolster significant attention and boost prestige of a project. It is also a great way to show off the great work we do in a challenging climate here in Manitoba.

Consulting Engineers and Owners alike benefit from the reputation ASHRAE Technology Awards carry and can be a great promotional tool for a firm or a facility. Society level awards often receive international attention as they are published in the ASHRAE journal.

All applications for the regional awards are due between Late February and Early March. Exact dates will be determined closer too.

Local Past Winners:

  • 2015 (Society) First Place Award – Valley View Middle School – Educational Facility

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Manitoba chapter CTTC chair for further information.

Technology Award Program Overview, Requirements, Judging Criteria and Helpful Hints

All current members of ASHRAE may submit entries. Entrants must have had a significant role in the design or development of the project.The project must have been in successful operation for at least one year at the time of entry.