Welcome to the Manitoba Chapter’s Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee

2016-17 Chair: Dieter Bartel
Committee Members: Devin Evenson, Stirling Walkes, George Marchildon

Our chapters GGAC mandate and tasks are comprised of, but not necessarily limited to, the following items: 

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Another document of interest that keeps our committee on track is called the GGAC Public Policy Priorities and can be found here: 

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For information on the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings, implemented on December 1, 2014, we refer you to this additional information:

Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings 2013

Below is a introductory presentation on the MECB.

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For more information on the implementation and enforcement of the MECB 2013 in both the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, please check out these pages:

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If you’re interested in courses related to the MECB 2013 and the CAN-QUEST Software, Red River College is providing it here: 

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We are currently involved in the following project.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Energy Efficiency Measures Guideline

This proposed document is an undertaking suggested to us by Don Fisher, who highly recommended that ASHRAE start a dialogue with the local authorities to see if we could encourage and promote energy efficient technologies in new and existing commercial kitchens, with respect to the HVAC, including make-up air units and the hood exhaust systems. A few national restaurant chains, hotels (and some private full service restaurants) have pioneered some of the system applications utilizing variable volume exhaust systems, heat recovery on hood exhaust, and controlling the transfer air from the dining rooms to the kitchens by interlocking the HVAC and kitchen ventilation through additional controls.

To date, we have met with and presented these opportunities to the Office of the Fire Commissioner of Manitoba, who consequently directed ASHRAE to work with the Inspections and Technical Services Branch with respect to approvals for installations commercial kitchens, gas fired cooking equipment and the related exhaust hoods, fire protection and interlock. Upon meeting with ITS, it was decided that ASHRAE Manitoba sponsor an initiative to work with other stakeholders in the development of a guide for designers and contractors to assist in obtaining prior approval for the additional application/installation of energy efficient technologies for CKV, before construction, thereby avoiding potential situations during construction and obtaining an occupancy permit.

For more about Don and his commercial kitchen research facility, please see http://www.fishnick.com/