November 2017

Sustainable Applications that Work – AEDGs to Net-Zero

April 2017

Sustainability: Un-definable Success in a Defined World, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer E. Mitchell Swann

October 2016

Designing Energy Efficient Outdoor Air Systems

Domestic Hot Water: New Ideas for an Efficient System – Seminar

Domestic Hot Water: New Ideas for an Efficient System

Efficiency Ideas for Service Water Systems – Bert Phillips, UNIES Ltd.

Condensing Hot Water Heaters – Tom Beggs, Tom Beggs Agencies

Electric and Natural Gas Water Heating Case Study – Denton Vandersteen, Manitoba Hydro

Power Smart Commercial Water Heater Incentive Program – Eric Souque, Manitoba Hydro

MECB Service Water Heating Code Implications, Dieter Bartel, Manitoba Hydro

Water Heaters – Bert Phillips, UNIES Ltd.

October 2014

The Path to High Performance School Buildings
George Marchildon, P.Eng.

March 2014

Hot Water The Efficiency Challenge!
Don Fisher, P.Eng.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Seminar
Don Fisher, P.Eng.

Designing and Operating an Energy Efficient Foodservice Facility

Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation System Design: Hood Selection & Sizing

Optimizing System Performance

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation An Energy Efficiency Perspective!

Retrofitting Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Air Flow Measurement Techniques for Exhaust Hoods

Solid State Lighting

Grease Filter Efficiency Overview

November 2013

ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2011 for High-Performance, Green Buildings, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Drury Crawley, Ph.D.