Student Activities

Jordan BullStudent Activities (SA) is a group within ASHRAE dedicated to getting students involved in ASHRAE. The goal of SA is to introduce ASHRAE to students and build student membership in ASHRAE. There are many benefits to becoming a student member in ASHRAE such as scholarships and making industry contacts. For more information on SA please visit ASHRAE SA.

The Manitoba Chapter has built a strong SA program. The program regularly makes presentations to the University of Manitoba and Red River College HVAC design courses. The goal of these presentations is to give students an understanding of the opportunities there is in the industry and what kinds of skills they will need to develop while still in school.

All students are invited to the annual ASHARE Student Night Diner, which this year is January 6th, 2014. The dinner is free for students, with the costs covered by the Manitoba Chapter. At the dinner students are introduced to various members of the chapter and there is a presentation on an industry topic.

SA does not only involve students at the post-secondary level. New for this year the Manitoba Chapter of ASHRAE is excited to become involved in both elementary schools and high schools. ASHARE provides guides for lesson plans and giving presentations to students.

If you are interested in making a presentation or gathering more information please send an e-mail to Jordan Bull, Manitoba Chapter SA Chair.

Top 5 Reason’s to attend the ASHRAE Student Night Diner

1. Build industry contacts
2. Develop networking skills
3. Meet future employers
4. Learn about the industry
5. Free food!